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Join lifelong gamers James, Kurt, Lacey, Carrie, Lee and guests around the table as they geek out about RPGs, gaming and gamer culture. Topics include game reviews, inspiration, scenario design and other aspects of great gaming.
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Feb 25, 2017
Download Episode! Review Vampire: Prelude   James, Lacey and Kurt review Vampire: Prelude the choose your own adventure style game on android and iPhone. It takes place in the Vampire the Masquerade world from White Wolf produced by Asmodee Digital   Twitter @justonemorefix Facebook Just One More Fix Podcast
Feb 22, 2017
Download Episode! Episode 24 Goals   Unfortunately because of scheduling conflicts you get only James in this episode. Today we do something we probably should have done at the beginning of this project and lay out the goals we have for Just One More Fix and where we are headed.   Twitter @justonemorefix Facebook Just One More Fix Podcast
Feb 17, 2017
Review Infestation   James, Lacey, Lee and Carrie review Infestation from Third Eye Games. Infestation is an RPG that players take the rolls of awakened bugs in a overrun house.   Twitter @justonemorefix Facebook Just One More Fix Podcast
Feb 15, 2017
Download Episode! Gaming Round Table 1   James, Lacey, Lee and Carrie have the first round table discussion of several gaming topics and other miscellaneous geekery.   Twitter @justonemorefix Facebook Just One More Fix Podcast
Feb 10, 2017
Review 7th Sea Second Edition   James, Lacey, Lee and Carrie talk about 7th Sea second edition and some of the changes from first edition. 7th Sea is a swashbuckling high adventure game from John Wick Presents. We should clarify how raises are made because it may not be clear in the review. The dice pool is made up of Trait + Skill and rolled. The dice are then grouped together to make totals of 10 or more. Each group of 10+ is one raise. Twitter @justonemorefix Facebook Just One More Fix Podcast
Feb 8, 2017
Download Episode! Violating the Reliable Narrator   Lee, Carrie and James talk about if it's okay to actively deceive your players or even outright lie to them. The players depend on the game master to be a reliable narrator, is omitting information and not allowing or calling for rolls the same as lying to the players?   Twitter @justonemorefix Facebook Just One More Fix Podcast
Feb 3, 2017
Review Colonial Gothic   James and Lacey review Colonial Gothic from Rogue Games. Colonial Gothic is a horror RPG set in colonial America. It uses the 12 degrees system and has Lovecraftian themes with elements of exploration in the new world.   Twitter @justonemorefix Facebook Just One More Fix Podcast
Feb 2, 2017
Download Episode! Episode 21 Breaking Rutts and Stuff   James and Lacey look at breaking our normal gaming habits and roles we take at the gaming table. We wander pretty far from the main topic but it eventually comes back around. Take a journey of conversation with us and see where we end up.   Twitter @justonemorefix Facebook Just One More Fix Podcast