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Join lifelong gamers James, Kurt, Lacey, Carrie, Lee and guests around the table as they geek out about RPGs, gaming and gamer culture. Topics include game reviews, inspiration, scenario design and other aspects of great gaming.
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Aug 30, 2017
Download Episode! Episode 51 Lamentations of the Flame Princess Interview   **Explicit Warning** This episode contains some blue language. Be warned or don't listen. We sit down with Lamentations of the Flame Princess writer and designers James Raggi, Zak Smith and Patrick Stuart to talk about Lamentations of the Flame Princess, Ennie Awards and the success of Veins of the Earth, Red and Pleasant Land, Blood in the Chocolate.   Twitter @justonemorefix Facebook Just One More Fix Podcast  
Aug 25, 2017
Download Episode! Review Tiny Epic Galaxies   James and Lacey review Tiny Epic Galaxies from Gamelyn Games. Colonize planets and manage resources to gain victory points and grow your galactic empire.   Twitter @justonemorefix Facebook Just One More Fix Podcast
Aug 23, 2017
Episode 50 at GenCon 50   Excited and exhausted, James, Lacey, Lee and Carrie talk about GenCon 50. How it was different from past cons and some of the awesome things we saw. We recorded this in the hotel lobby at GenCon so the audio quality may be a little bit different as well as being largely unedited. James Einstein, Veins of the Earth, Degenesis (Trailer), Vampire the Masquerade V Lacey Baby Bestiary, Parsley Games, Contessa, Bluebeard's Bride Carrie Things We Left Behind, LotFP, My Little Pony RPG, Night's Black Agents Lee Fallout Board Game, Fate of the Norns, Eclipse Phase   Twitter @justonemorefix Facebook Just One More Fix Podcast  
Aug 22, 2017

Episode 48 Making Characters for Vampire the Masquerade


Lacey and James make Vampire characters to go with our city made in Episode 45. We go through our own processes for creating dramatic horror characters, tying them into the politics of the city to create more story hooks to explore in game.


Here are the two Vampire that we made


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Aug 16, 2017
Episode 49 Players v Stats   James and Lacey talk about playing characters with mental and social skill that the players may not have and how to overcome it.   Twitter @justonemorefix Facebook Just One More Fix Podcast
Aug 2, 2017
Episode 47 Capturing the DnD Feel James, Lacey, Kurt, Lee and Carrie talk about what is the DnD feel and how to capture it in other games. Drawing inspiration from Fate of Freeport, Dungeon World and Lamentations of the Flame Princess.   Twitter @justonemorefix Facebook Just One More Fix Podcast